56 Great Things for your Kids to do this Summer

We’re so pleased our campaign to raise awareness for a healthy screentime balance for kids under 10 has been such a huge success. 

With that in mind and the summer holidays looming, at TimeTokens HQ we’ve put our heads together and come up with a fun list of 56 ideas and things for your children to try over the summer hols.  Remember, don’t feel guilty when they say “I’m bored” there are so many fantastic thINGs to do and try your hand at out there.  Get them excited about using their imagination and creativity.  It’s the holidays after all and a great chance to relax, chill out and have some family fun.

  1. Make a wormery
  2. Skim stones and beat your personal best
  3. Play poo sticks
  4. Try fishing off a harbour wall or with a net
  5. Play French Cricket, try using a tennis racket if you don't have a bat
  6. Climb a tree
  7. Go on a really long bike ride and track your route on an OS map
  8. Eat berries from the hedgerow
  9. Hug a tree - just because
  10. Boil an egg and make soldiers
  11. Have a water fight
  12. See how much life you can discover in a rock pool
  13. Swim a length ..on top or underwater
  14. Make someone happy by writing and sending them a postcard
  15. Design something
  16. Make your own time capsule
  17. Colour in without going over the lines
  18. Knead some bread dough and bake a loaf
  19. Keep a diary of your summer – it’ll be so much fun to read one day
  20. Teach yourself a magic trick and wow your family
  21. Create a super cool obstacle race and beat your best time
  22. Play a game of croquet because it's really fun
  23. Challenge yourself to do 10 keepie uppies
  24. Build a den
  25. Have a tennis rally of 20 hits
  26. Teach yourself to whistle
  27. Get really really muddy and don't care
  28. Teach yourself to blow a blade of grass
  29. Sell something you have made
  30. Follow a river to its source
  31. Make up a game
  32. Toast marshmallows on a BBQ or campfire
  33. Plant something and care for it, water it everyday, watch it grow
  34. Paint a self portrait
  35. Learn your favourite pop song and perform it for your family
  36. Make up a show for your family and friends
  37. Challenge yourself to do something you have never done before
  38. Go snorkelling and discover a new world under the sea
  39. Listen to the sea in a conche shell
  40. Scavenge for treasure on a beach
  41. Make a daisy chain necklace or bracelet
  42. Search for a lucky four leaf clover - they do exist - really.
  43. Press some flowers in a book
  44. Have a midnight feast
  45. Roll down a hill
  46. Do a three legged race
  47. Play Frisbee with your friends
  48. Play cats cradle
  49. Learn the capital cities of the world
  50. Run through a field and scream as loud as you can
  51. Master a tongue twister
  52. Swap your best toy with your friends best toy for the weekend
  53. Plant up and grow your own micro garden in a bowl
  54. Plan a fun summer party for some friends
  55. Learn something new
  56. Help your mum! 

    We’re going to work our way through the list over the summer and will share our experiences with you so watch this space!

    Have fun.


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