How do I stop arguing with my kids about screentime?

Is there any modern parent who hasn’t been stuck in a battle with their child about switching off their technology?! We know the struggle well, and it’s exactly why we created TimeTokens in the first place.

Here are our top tips for cutting down the screentime squabbles and empowering our kids to achieve screentime balance:

Reframe how you think of technology

When we find ourselves arguing with our kids about screentime (or we’re stuck in any other power struggle with our children) it often comes from a place of fear. “What if my child gets addicted to screens?” “What if I lose my kids to online gaming?” “What if my children are always this grumpy?!”…

Many of these fears are legitimate! We see our children using screens excessively and notice their behaviour slipping or see they are missing out on other wonderful aspects of childhood

It’s important to remember though, it’s not technology that’s the problem. Technology is a brilliant tool that is only going to become more prominent in the lives of our kids as they grow.

Instead of piling on parent-guilt at our child’s love of screens, it’s our job to embrace technology and empower our children to use it in a healthy way! Teaching them how to enjoy balanced screentime use, how to keep safe online and how to make it a beneficial tool in their lives.

What is a problem is a lack of screentime balance and the impact a lack of screentime boundaries can have on our children.

Decide on your boundaries

Screentime boundaries are the screentime limits you feel are appropriate for your child. We believe every child (and their family) is different, and you know your children best!

The first step to reducing screentime squabbles is to decide on your boundaries. How much screentime are you comfortable with your child having each day / week?

Once you have decided on this limit. It’s your job as a parent to put these limits in place (the tricky party). We know that no parent wants to be a nag… which is why the next step is key!

Empower your kids

As parents, we all want out kids to be confident, independent and able to make good choices! It’s our job to give them the tools to do this.

Empowering our kids with their screentime requires giving them the power to make their own decisions (within the boundaries we set as parents). For example, this could look like, allowing your kids 10 hours of screentime a week and letting them pick exactly when and how they want to split their time. They’re in control!

The TimeTokens system was created to provide an easy and fun way to help kids take control of their screentime and cut out the arguments you have.

Make screentime a reward

Another way to reduce the screentime battles? Make screentime something which is awarded when other tasks have been completed.

For some children, screentime makes a great incentive to complete homework, get household chores done or remember to be kind to their sibling!

The TimeTokens screentime planner was created to help you and your kids decide on the expectations they’ll need to meet before they get the screentime fun you’re both happy with.

Ready to set your boundaries and empower your kids to create healthy screentime habits? Find out exactly how our TimeTokens work and make screentime squabbles a thing of the fast as soon as possible.

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