On your marks, get set, unplug! Woo Hoo we're Official Partners of National Unplugging Day 2017

We are over the moon that www.timetokens.com is an official Partner of this year’s National Unplugging Day on 25th June.

National Unplugging Day UK was born in May 2015 and got off to an amazing start with founder Gemma Johnson generating media coverage of over 30 million people across TV, Radio and national press. Three years on and TimeTokens is pledging to get every family across the UK match fit and ready for the big Unplug on the 25th.

We all know too much techtime is not a good thing for us or our children, you don’t need us to tell you.  We hear about it everywhere!

When we were young, we had the natural screentime breaks of the news or sports results or no more programmes that made us switch off to do something else.

No such boredom exists today. Thanks to online compilations, a child can watch for 24 hours non-stop with NO interruption. The natural “stopping rule” we experienced is long gone, and has been replaced with a default continuation rule.  It’s this that makes screentime so hard to manage.

At TimeTokens we are all about the long-term gain.  We don’t say ‘no’ to screentime for children but try to encourage a healthy balance and focus our attention at the 5-10 year olds.  These children still have a chance to learn how to manage their own screentime and we encourage self determination to equip them with skills to help manage screentime once they hit their teens.

We really hope you will help raise awareness of this important day by sharing and getting friends & family involved.  Here’s our “Top 5 tips on healthy screentime habits.”

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