Screen Tokens: The Alternative Way to Limit Screen Time for Kids

We’ll try anything to limit screen time for our kids. We’ve tried apps, the clock, suggesting other activities, playing board games with them, punishment, consequences etc but have you heard of screen tokens? They might just be the best alternative to limit screen time for kids. Here is an alternative way to limit screen time for kids.

What are screen tokens?

Screen tokens are a reward system where you give the control and responsibility over to the kids to control the time they spend on electronic devices, television, and any other gaming devices.

Each token has a time value and once that time has elapsed, the child turns the device off.

Hard to believe, I know, but it actually works!

How do screen tokens work compared to apps?

You, as the adult, can set limits on the child’s device. Some apps are free and most are paid on a monthly basis.

You will probably still have resentment and disappointment on the children’s part to want to keep using the device. You’ve heard the excuses, I’m sure.

“I only had 5 more minutes to finish this.”

“I was in the middle of something really important.”

“I was nearly finished playing this game and you ruined it.”

I’m sure you’ve heard all the excuses.

With screen tokens, the responsibility lies with the child and they get further rewards when they can stick to that limit.

Screen Tokens: The Alternative Way to Limit Screen Time

TimeTokens are a complete system to put the responsibility on the child to manage their screen time better and have a better balance of screen time activities and doing more activities you’d prefer them to be doing.

Features of TimeTokens includes:

  • Defuse grumpiness and frustration when asking your kids to turn off
  • Develop their sense of independence and nurture healthy screen time habits for life
  • Build trust and build a connection with your child as you let them be in charge
  • Spark creativity and curiosity online and off.

When they stick to their allotted time, as per the TimeToken and the contract made between the adult and the child, there are further rewards like extra screen time with a “Golden Ticket”.

TimeTokens burnt orange wallet

The TimeTokens Wallet Set comes complete with:

  • Orange or lime coloured TimeTokens storage wallet so your child can feel grown-up and keep their TimeTokens safe
  • Promise contract to reunite parent and child in managing screen time
  • Golden Ticket for rewarding and encouraging balanced screen time use
  • ‘TimeTokens’ 19 cards in 5 increments from 5 minutes to 1 hour, totalling 7 hours. Each backed with a fun introduction to The Frazzles, our fun characters waiting to inspire screen-free fun!
  • Digital LCD Countdown timer (including battery) to countdown to the end of their screen time session
  • Advisory guidelines to help you and your child make the most of TimeTokens.

The Verdict – The Alternative Way to Limit Screen Time for Kids

If you want to create more harmony in your home when it comes to managing your child’s screen time, help your child become more responsible, save money on apps, save time setting up apps and reduce arguments, than definitely give Timetokens a try.

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