Sue Atkins, Parenting expert from ITV's This Morning ...

Highly recommends Time Tokens to her clients and has featured them under "Sue recommends" on her website - thank you Sue what a great endorsement for us!


Most parents that I work with are fed up battling with their ‘Screenagers’ and trying to balance screen time with other activities. So when I discovered ‘Time Tokens‘ I gave a whoop of delight as Amanda has created a simply super new way to manage kids screen time. What I love about ‘Time Tokens’  is that it teaches  a child how to manage their own time and that is brilliant, as that will empower and teach them self control. So that naturally & easily reduces battles and arguments.

But one of the best things about ‘Time Tokens’ as a former Deputy Head teacher, is that it also rewards kids with a Golden Ticket which encourages them to choose an ‘ING’ activity to do with family or friends  every week – things like makING dinner, playING a game outside, going swimmING, dancING, or cookING.

I highly recommend ‘Time Tokens‘ – what are you waiting for the solution is here!

Sue Atkins is a television presenter. Atkins appears on ITV's This Morning programme where she presents on parenting issues. Atkins also regularly appears on BBC Breakfast and the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2. Atkins conducts regular parenting Q & A phone-ins on BBC Radio. Atkins is also a print journalist, specializing in parenting issues and divorce.[1] Atkins has published several books, including Raising Happy Children for Dummies and Parenting Made Easy.

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