What if switching off Screen Time didn’t have to end in tears and tantrums?

Time Tokens was created to reunite parent & child and make healthy Screen Time habits easy and fun. Finally!

We’ve been there. The frustration and exhaustion of battling your kids over tablets and TV screens. Parenting is hard enough without the added squabbles over switching off, again. You know Screen Time use is getting out of hand but you’re not sure how to rein things in and regain a sense of control without becoming the nagging, demanding parent you’ve always avoided being. Wouldn’t it be amazing if your kids happily switched off after Screen Time fun and got on with all the other delights of childhood? Playing, dancing, giggling, adventuring!

Time Tokens was started by a parent for parents. We help bring joy and ease back to Screen Time balance while empowering kids with a sense of independence and responsibility when it comes to enjoying tech use.

“I remember it well. It all began one rainy February half term when what hoped to be a fun week away with Grandparents turned into a wash out where Screen Time was left to reign. Hours accidentally becoming whole afternoons…My happy 7-year-old tech wizard, Harry, becoming a grumpy, agitated screen monster… I knew something had to change and I was sure there had to be another way to end Screen Time sessions than the upset and frustration we both ended up feeling. So, I asked him to help me come up with a solution we could both be happy with and the first Time Tokens were born!”


Bringing Screen Time balance to families across the globe

After huge personal success, Time Tokens were launched to the world in September 2016 where they quickly gained praise from parents, teachers, school heads and other wellbeing professionals, from GPs to psychologists. We’ve since gone on to promote Screen Time balance and healthy Screen Time habits internationally – selling Time Tokens worldwide and winning numerous awards including the 2019 Gold Junior Design Award for ‘Best Innovative Children’s Product’.