Get ready to make Screen Time balance a reality for your family!

Time Tokens were designed by a parent for parents who are experiencing the exhaustion of endless Screen Time squabbles. We love technology but we want our kids to be spending more time having fun offline than on screens. We’ve created Time Tokens to be an empowering tool which will encourage children to switch off with ease and embrace the delights of childhood again!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Order Time Tokens and have them delivered to your child.
  2. Watch as they open the box with excitement and discover their Time Tokens cards, The Golden & Double It cards plus our super cool new custom app timer all packaged in a beautiful presentation box.
  3. Chat with your child and agree on a weekly Screen Time allowance and sign the Promise Contract together. Hurray, now you’re back on the same team!
  4. Wait for your child to take charge of their Screen Time without the tears (finally). If they want Screen Time, they hand over a Time Token, set the timer and play.
  5. The best bit: when the timer beeps, they switch off without a fight! Yes, really.
  6. You can use fun incentives like the Golden Token or Double It Token to keep them on track.
  7. When all their Time Tokens have run out that’s it until next week. Plenty of time for screen-free childhood fun.
  8. It’s time for you to breathe, relax and celebrate raising a responsible, empowered Screen Time self-moderator!

“I may have a PHD in Education, but when it comes to Screen Time Time Tokens is of more value to my 9-year old son… It works, because he is in charge.”

Dr Nanda Sheehan, Psychologist & Ex-SENCO